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The Lakefront Essay -- Descriptive Essay Examples, Observation

The Lakefront    Have you ever been to a place that you did not want to leave? This is the way I feel when I go to the lakefront. This is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been. At night you can almost reach out and touch the stars and the sound of the water splashing is so peaceful.    I have many fond memories about the lakefront, it is the place where I can just get away and think. I have been to the lakefront thousands of times and every time is a different experience weather I am with my friends or if I go alone. When I was younger my mother would take me on the lakefront and I would play on the swings and the slides, little did I know my mother used to take me out so I could exert energy so I could get tired and she could put me to sleep.    I remember early mornings my dad would wake me up to go fishing on the lakefront and we would sit and listen to birds chirping and watch the boats passing. It seemed like we would never catch anything, but the time was never wasted. Every year we have our family reunion on the lakefront, there is...

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Bar Codes Case Essay

1. (a). A bar code is a series of lines which differ in thickness and space in between each other which contain data to provide certain information on the product such as the Manufacturer, Product Description, and the Size. The purpose of the bar code is to simplify the amount of data which the staff needs to know and recognise by memory as all of the data is stored of the company computer. (b). Information that is contained in the bar code contains are the unique ID number which is the code number. (c). Information that is not contained in the bar code would be, in most cases, the price as all different shops which stock the product might need to charge different amounts. Also would be the manufacturers name, the product description, and the size and in some cases also the price as these would all be entered into the shops computer by someone. 2. (a). The barcode is entered into the computer/register by the scanner shooting a beam of light which will interpret the barcode. Once this has been recognised as a valid product the information relating to that barcode will be received from the main computer and the relative information will be displayed/. (b). If the barcode cannot be scanned then the person at the till would enter the barcode in manually with the set of numbers which are linked with the barcode into the computer to mark the item as paid. (c). Fresh fruit, vegetables and items from the delicatessen counter are dealt by either the customer weighing and putting a unique barcode on the bag themselves or by the person at the till weighing them and then manually entering the amount to pay into the register to add onto the final bill. (d). The chip and pin process is used by a person inserting their card and putting in their pin code instead of signing the bill using their signature. When they have put in their pin code and pressed enter the computer will verify that the code that the person has entered is the same as the card code and if it is the transaction would of succeeded but it they got it wrong they will either have to do their signature or they will have to prove that their card is theirs or they could be charged with fraud. (e). After the payment has been made the supermarket computer will add all of the items bought to their reordering list so that the bulk order is read to put in once they have reached their minimum stock level. (f). Incentives that regular customers could have would be the method of a club card or loyalty/reward card which can be used to either get money off the final payment or using points towards an item for money off. They could also give out school vouchers to get either computer or PE equipment. 4. (a). Advantages to the customer of using the computers in the supermarket is that there will be less chance of any errors, and also there will be more information about the item and a faster service. (b). Disadvantages to the customer of using computers is that the computer may not be working due to technical problems and may give the wrong information or it may not be working at all. 5. The list that would be given to a student for his after school job would be on a handheld device so that he would walk round and find out what needs to be re-stocked. This would be loaded from the main computer list of what is /is not on the shelves. 6. (a). The manager can find out what stock needs to be re-ordered by checking what has been bought since the last time he checked and what ever has been bought then it would need to be re-ordered. (b). The human would check the re-order list before the order is placed to make sure that all of the items have been entered correctly and that no items had been left off the list. He also needs to verify the stock levels. 7. Stock on the shelves and in the warehouse might not match the stock file on the computer if stock had somehow been made unusable such as being damaged or if the product has expired or if the item has been stolen. 8. (a). Advantages to the supermarkets of using computers are that they will not lose any money by making human calculated errors, (b). disadvantages to the supermarket of using computers is that the supermarket will be totally dependant on the machines and also training would be needed.

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Is Homework Helpful or Harmful to Students Essay - 2004 Words

Homework has been around for a very long time. It is set and traced as a tradition of having teachers assigning work and students completing it. Parents say that teachers require it; teachers say that parents demand more of it. Teachers assign homework to help some students improve their grade and pass the course for those of who do not do well on tests or standardized examinations. Schools require a certain amount of hours of homework to be assigned to each student. When students bring back work to be done at home, many controversies arise. Many families have enough work to do without adding a full night of homework on top of it. Stress, arguments and time frustrations can encase the family with problems. Can homework be considered†¦show more content†¦Researchers summarized the finding of a large number of studies demonstrating that when children were allowed to learn in school under conditions that matched their learning style preferences, their academic achievements an d their attitudes toward school improved. Home environments; student characteristics, subject matter, and grade level all influence the effect of homework on student achievement. Although the variety among every childs preferred learning style is evident, there is disagreement as to whether efforts should be made to change or expand students learning preferences to conform to classroom instructions or to adapt to the students particular strengths. Sandra Hofferth at the Institute of Social Research in the University of Michigan conducted a survey of 3,600 children in 1981 and again in 1997. The study surveyed the amount of time in minutes spent studying homework, playing organized sports, and watching TV. The ages of the children ranged from 3 years old to 11 years old. A total of each category, in 1981 and then in 1997, students were found studying 225 minutes to 376Show MoreRelatedHomework Helpful Or Harmful?897 Words   |  4 Pages Is homework helpful or harmful? The homework controversy has been going on for a quiet a long time with no end in sight. Homework is defined as an out of class task assigned to the students to help with practice or prepare for the future. Homework has been around a long period of time. It has set and traced as a tradition of having teachers assigning work and students completing it. Parents say that teachers require it and teachers say’s that parents demand to help their kids to finish it. TeachersRead MoreIs Homework Harmful Or Helpful?878 Words   |  4 PagesOdera Is Homework harmful or helpful?. Homework is defined as an out of class task assigned to students to help them practice and prepare for their future. Homework has been around for a very long time. It is set and traced as a tradition of having teachers assigning work and students working on it. Parents demand that teachers require it and teachers verbally express that parents demand more of it. teachers assign homework to avail some students ameliorate their grade and pass the courseRead MoreNo More Homework836 Words   |  4 Pages2013 Negative Effects of Homework Homework has historically been given to students to reinforce what they learn at school, and ultimately to help them learn the material better. However, too much homework is not helpful, and can be counterproductive. Excessive amounts of time spent on completing homework can take away from a student s social life, family time, and limits participation in sports or other activities. The amount of homework a teacher can give to a student should be restricted, andRead MoreThe Effects Of Homework On Students Lives Outside Of School1223 Words   |  5 Pagesconsuming, students state that homework is the most out of all the unpaid activities they do throughout the day, as 60% complete 2 hours and 20 minutes on average each day (CBC news, 2007). The amount of homework students receive on average daily has greatly increased in the past 15 years, which concerns parents. Homework interferes with students’ lives outside of school, a student’s overall health, and consumes countl ess hours, which is why it should be limited to a reasonable amount. Students spendRead MoreThe Effects Of Homework On Students Lives Outside Of School1223 Words   |  5 Pagesconsuming, students state that homework is the most out of all the unpaid activities they do throughout the day, as 60% complete 2 hours and 20 minutes on average each day (CBC news, 2007). The amount of homework students receive on average daily has greatly increased in the past 15 years, which concerns parents. Homework interferes with students’ lives outside of school, a student’s overall health, and consumes countless hours, which is why it should be limited to a reasonable amount. Students spendRead MoreThe Impact Of Technology On Our Brain968 Words   |  4 Pagesinternet is really necessary to complete the assignments. Depending on how we make use of the technology, it has a positive and negative effects on our brain and our attention. In particular, the technology has more of negative effects than positive on students because of the tremendous resources that are available anytime at no cost. The technology has positive effects on our brains by providing the latest and sufficient information that we all need for every purposes. The use of technology really saveRead MoreTechnology And Its Effect On Society1205 Words   |  5 Pagescomputers. They check their devices twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Many people have lots of time to waste on technology. Technology provides more ways and wider resources for students’ learning. Technology allows teachers to use more flexible and various ways to spread knowledge. Technology will increase students’ interest and make them concentrate more in their class because it allows teachers to use not only words, but also pictures and sound to present their courses. Therefore, technologyRead MoreAmerica s Preparing Students For The Future1132 Words   |  5 Pagespreparing students for the future? America hasn’t changed the way students are taught in high school practically since it was developed around a century ago. In consequence, America’s high schools are lowering the full potential of the education students are receiving. Students that are coming out of high school now days, don’t feel like they learned anything that has prepared them for their adult life. Another part of the problem with high schools is the amount of homework is given to students. Let’sRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of Homework1281 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The struggle students, parents, and teachers face with homework has remained problematic for many generations. Some educators and parents will argue that it is necessary and helpful to the students when it comes to their academic achievement, but most students will argue that it is not as effective as it seems. In fact, homework has been a key element in the education of students since their first year of school. As students get into higher grades the amount of work they are assignedRead MoreTechnology And Technology842 Words   |  4 Pagesclassrooms has both a positive and a negative influence upon students. Students have a better opportunity for learning due to the wide variety of apps and the usage of the search engine to help students find more information and learn more. The negative effect that technology has upon students is reflected in their school work and education, also causing students to get addicted and finding the constant need to be texting. In classrooms, students could go on other websites, such as playing games, which

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The Common Technique for Free Throw - 761 Words

Introduction The basketball game played by two teams consisting of five players. In the basketball game, the basketball player tries to outscore their opponent by passing, handling or dribbling the basketball into position for shooting the ball into their offensive basket. When either of the team player violated or foul, the fouled player attempts a free-throw of the ball changes (Mood, Masker Rink, 1991). The free drop is important later in the game because of the free throws comprise a significantly larger portion of total points made during the final 5 minutes than the first 35 minutes of the game for both gaining and losing teams (Kozar, 1994). The fouled player required to shoot from the free throw line. The free throw line is 15 feet from the basket and has ample time to attempt the shot, so that is the easiest shots in basketball. A successful free throw needed a good concentration, relaxation, but the most important is a good mechanic in the shot. Also, the player does more practice can increase the success percentage in a free throw. This paper will be concentrating on the common technique of free throw which are including the approach and stance phase, backswing phase, force producing phase, follow through and projectile motion. Approach and stance phase Most of the basketball player has different preliminary movement to prepare free throw. The basketball player attempted to relax themselves and free the muscle tension before they shot which are shakingShow MoreRelatedAnalysis of the Free-Throw Shot1527 Words   |  7 PagesAnalysis of the Free-Throw Shot When deciding about a movement to study, I thought about many, and very few interested me. Then I decided to choose something that was very important to me. Shooting the basketball, and more specifically the technique in performing a free throw. I thought by looking more closely at the details of a movement I have been doing since a small child. I thought possibly I could learn something that would give me an advantage in my shot. The application ofRead MoreThe Basketball Type Game Of Basketball Essay1617 Words   |  7 Pageswas during this game that someone suggested a name for this new sport, Basketball. The First competitive basketball leagues where all local leagues, usually within the larger east coast cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Boston. On some the techniques occasions’ teams from other regions would travel to play another team. Once such occasion took place on November 7, 1896. this was the first known professional basketball game was played in Trenton New Jersey between the Trenton YMCA and the BrooklynRead MoreEssay on Sport Psychology1037 Words   |  5 Pagesof approach a sport psychologist takes. Issues such as motivation, self-efficacy, and depression are common in the athletic arena. (Miserandino, 1998, p. 287) Athletes can also suffer greatly from anxiety and stress. (Holm, Beckwith, Ehde, Tinius, 1995, p. 463) Any of these conditions can be detrimental to ones compet itive ability. Techniques such as mental imagery training and relaxation techniques can be used to attack problems in these areas. (McKenzie, Howe, 1997, p. 196) Marianne MiserandinosRead MoreStatistical Assessment Of Individual Player Contributions1635 Words   |  7 Pagesnonautocorrelation. . A.5. Data generating mechanism-independent observations A typical assumption in panel data models is that of normality of effects and errors, and it is common for researchers to use this assumption without much verification. The use of such assumptions may have major concerns on the statistical properties of the parallel techniques and it is frequently condemned. In order to test the normality assumptions we need to perform a test that will help us to test multivariate data. The test thatRead More Captivity Narratives - Our Nig and Restauration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson974 Words   |  4 PagesOur Nig; or Sketches from the life of a Free Black and   A Narrative of the Captivity and Restauration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson   Harriet Wilson’s and Mary Rowlandson’s captivity narratives have three things in common.   First, they have a theme of sustaining faith in God throughout their trials.   Secondly, they portray their captors as savages.   Finally, they all demonstrate the isolation felt by the prisoner.   Ã‚  Ã‚   Our Nig: or, Sketches from the Life of a Free Black by Harriet Wilson is the story ofRead MoreEssay on Informative Speech: Stress Management897 Words   |  4 Pagesinform the audience about the cause, affect and ways to manage stress. Specific Purpose Statement: The audience will learn what causes stress and how stress can affect their health, and how they can manage their everyday stress with different techniques. INTRODUCTION Attention Getter: Life is like a huge roller coaster, a journey full of twists and turns, and ups and downs. And sometimes in this journey there arises various situations where one is unable to deal with these turns, let aloneRead MoreSoccer: Bringing People Together Around the World1448 Words   |  6 Pagesgame that was more ceremonious. It may have even been part of ancient fertility rites or used to mark particularly seasons of the year (Goldblatt 2008). Because the art of controlling the ball with the feet was extremely difficult and required technique and talent, the ancient Greeks and Romans used their versions of soccer to sharpen the skills of warriors for battle. The Greeks played Episkyros ,which means game, while the Roman played Harpastum ,meaning ball. It was played with a small ball onRead MoreHypnosis : Positive Effect On The Performance Of Athletes1511 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Confirmatory factor analysis of the Valencia scale on attitudes and beliefs toward hy pnosis, therapist version. Intl. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis,† therapist, students, and the general public were surveyed to determine the most common myths and misconceptions of hypnosis, they were as follows: (a) becoming hypnotized alters a person state of consciousness or trance; (b) once a person becomes hypnotized, they are no longer in control of their behavior- the hypnotist is; (c) IfRead MoreEssay on Improving Our Ability to Make Decisions1716 Words   |  7 PagesDecision-making is the process by which a person or group recognizes a choice, gathers information, analyzes the data, and determines the best option to choose. The decision-making process employs high levels of critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques. Decisions are guided by several factors, primarily the significance of the issue, the impact the decision may have, and the persons or groups morals and cultural norms. For less significant decisions that have little impact , people might notRead MoreA Teacher s Legal And Ethical Responsibilities Of Defusing Classroom Conflicts Essay1290 Words   |  6 Pagesasked to complete a task and the student refuses. After given a prompt to complete the work, the student begins to shout out and throws his work materials. The student then is given a prompt to begin using his coping strategies and he refuses, resulting in escalated behaviors. At this point the student becomes aggressive with staff, by spitting on them. He also begins to throw things at staff and destroying objects within his proximity. The legal responsibility of the teacher and other staff members

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Ebay’s E-Commerce Success - 1032 Words

Ebay’s E-Commerce Success How Ebay Used IT to make it Big Kent Kirkwood Intro to Business, BA101 Professor Williams February 2nd, 2011 Ebay’s E-Commerce Success How Ebay Used IT to make it Big Ebay had an unusual start, when a 28 year old programmer named Pierre Omidyar, created a site to sell items online stated, Hsiao, A (n.d.). He posted some broken laser pointers for sale in an auction-style listing. He meant this to be an example for other things to be listed for sale. Then the broken laser pointer sold for over $14.00. He immediately contacted the buyer to make sure that they understood that is was broken. The buyer just happened to be collecting broken laser pointers. Then and there Pierre Omidyar knew he was on to†¦show more content†¦With today’s smart phones consumers are making purchases online with their phones. An example is someone bought a 1966 Corvette for $75,000 using their smart phone. The availability for people to research the costs of goods and compare them to in-store prices has evolved beyond anybody’s expectations. Even when someone is boasting of a good deal, it only takes a buyer sec onds to look up comparable items and prices on their phone. E-commerce is not just e-commerce anymore, it is just plain commerce. By connecting anything and anyone in an instant Ebay has transformed business and quality of life. A person who lives in the backwoods of Wyoming can still purchase high end item and have them the same week. It may take the nearest town’s store months to purchase and sell similar items on their shelves. I know that Ebay has changed the way our household is run. We rely on Ebay to makes ends meet by shaving dollars off goods and clothes we buy on a day to day basis. References Berstien, B. (2001, May 25). The Madison Courier. Retrieved February 2, 2010, from Ebay CEO survives the dot-com bust:;sjid=oWQNAAAAIBAJamp;pg=6764,5528032amp;dq=dot+com+bubble+ebayamp;hl=en Canedy, D. (1998, November 27). Stuffed Animals with Attitude May Spur Modest Rise in Toy Sales. Retrieved from New York Times: Hsiao, A.Show MoreRelatedEbay: Facing The Global Challenge Essay1107 Words   |  5 PagesExecutive Summary: The e-commerce industry has become a major player in the global retail environment. E-Bays large operating history has allowed the company to build a social capital of internet buyers and sellers that has now become its competitive advantage. However, intense competition in e-commerce has lead major players to lead expansion efforts in foreign markets where growing economies exist and the number of internet users is abundant. As a facilitator of online buyer-seller transactionsRead MoreRivalry Of The Global E Commerce Market1371 Words   |  6 PagesRivalry in the Industry: (Medium to High) E-Bay is one of the dominant players in the global e-commerce market; but because of low entry barriers E-Bay is currently facing competition in its different market segments. Therefore, this market is full of competitors such as Amazon, Craigslist, Yahoo! Auctions, and other new players such as Alibaba, and The battle between e-commerce players engage in price- based competition to persuade buyers, therefore these players limit theirRead MoreRivalry Of The Global E Commerce Market1496 Words   |  6 Pagesplayers, is one player very dominant or all equal in strength or size. E-Bay is one of the dominant players in the global e-commerce market; but because of low entry barriers E-Bay is currently facing competition in its different market segments. Therefore, this market is full of competitors such as Amazon, Craigslist, Yahoo! Auctions, and other new players such as Alibaba,, Groupon and The battle between e-commerce players engage in price- based competition to persuade buyers, thereforeRead MoreEBay Essay820 Words   |  4 PagesStudy University of Mary Hardin- Baylor Abstract 1. Analyze the marketing environment and the forces shaping eBay’s business over the years. What conclusions can you draw? The market eBay takes place in is primarily the Internet market. Around 1995 the Internet market was just beginning. â€Å"there will be more than 500 million users by 2003 and a rapid increase in e- commerce turnover, rising from US$500 billion worldwide in 2001 to more than US$3 trillion in 2004† (Fichter, 2003) EBay wasRead MoreTaking a Look at eBay Inc.978 Words   |  4 Pagespresent in over thirty countries and more. What started as a personal project has gone on to revolutionize the e-commerce platform and has become a huge success of the dot-com bubble. Throughout its existence, eBay Inc. has used many different approaches towards its clients, and consumers in order to make the environment as safe and reliable as possible. This is due to the fact that the e-commerce platform has its own challenges from time to time, and for a company like eBay Inc. that does what it doesRead MoreE Commerce Powerhouse Ebay Is Known Internationally As A Leader1476 Words   |  6 Pages E-Commerce powerhouse Ebay is known internationally as a leader in the market. The company was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 in San Francisco Originally eBay went by the name Auction Web and was launched with the purpose of enabling site users/consumers with the ability to trade unique items with each other. Under eBay’s business model, of the time a seller would place an item on eBay’s site with a minimum bid set for the buyer and the duration specified for auctioning that item. The servicesRead MoreMarketing Management Essay example1012 Words   |  5 PagesMarsha Carpenter BADM625-O2 Dr. Nall October 28, 2012 Marketing Excellence – eBay 1. Why has eBay succeeded as an online auction marketplace while so many others have failed? According to Kotler and Keller (2012, p. 411), eBay’s success began by creating aâ€Å"pricing revolution†, which allowed the bidders/buyers to determine the price they were willing to pay for an item. The consumers were pleased because they felt they were in control, and received the best possible price. The sellersRead MoreMarketing Strategies Of The Marketing Strategy Essay1527 Words   |  7 PagesThe Marketing Strategies that were exercised by eBay which contributed to its success. 1. Definition of the Marketing Strategy Grewal and Levy (2010: p.32) states that â€Å"a marketing strategy identifies a firm’s target market(s), a related marketing mix - their four P’s and the bases upon which the firm plans to build a sustainable competitive advantage†. Kotler and Keller (2012: p.274) further argues that ‘the marketing strategy is built on segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) and a companyRead MoreEbay Expansion in China754 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion 1: eBay’s (diversification) expansion modes in China included acquisition and joint venture. Critically evaluate each mode of diversification by identifying the advantages and disadvantages for EBay given the competitive environment within the overall industry and specifically in China. By the year of 2006, eBay’s combined international investments in Latin American, Europe and Asia Pacific has totaled revenues of 2.1 billion, representing 49% of aggregate revenues of the companyRead MoreThe Phenomenon Of Online Trading : How Ebay And Amazon Became Successful Without Having A High Street Store10138 Words   |  41 Pagestheir performance in future. This research draws the attention to facts that despite both companies have many bad reviews, potential consumers are still attracted to shop using their websites, while present customers are consciously complaining about eBay’s and Amazon’s unprofessional customer service and after sale service, yet they still shop using both websites, resulting in eBay overcoming analysts’ predictions about their profits every quarter and Amazon investing big amounts of money in its growth

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Stalin as a continuation of Le Essay Example For Students

Stalin as a continuation of Le Essay Stalin as a continuation of LeninCommunism is like a mining town. The government owns the people. They are forced to buy government food, work for the government, and follow what the government says, or else. No one can escape because their pachecks come from the same people they pay, causing them to did themselves deeper and deeper into debt. And they are forced to breath the cancerous air, just as the Russians were forced to endure the terror. Russia experienced communism in a horrible way: first through Lenin and his Cheka, then through Stalin and his concentration camps.How far would they go to achieve their goals? They would stop at nothing. Stalins personality was so similar to Lenins, tha although they may have had separate motivations, Stalin finished what Lenin started by gaining influence through power and using the first Five Year Plan. Lenin and Stalin were of the same personality. Both were extreme activists with an obsession with violence. This quote from A Concise History of the Russian Revolution, by Richard Pipes (pp. 104) describes the character of both Lenin and Stalin: He knew of only two categories of men: friend and enemy-those who follwed him, and all the rest. The two agreed on the point that anyone who did not agree with them was an enemy. They both used this as an excuse to kill thousands of people. The reason they were able to do this was because both wanted power and neither were afraid to act on their desires. Lenin was an activist, indeed a hyper-activist, and it was this which made him such a violent figure. This is also what made Stalin so horrible. In the way Lenin acted on behalf of the revolution, Stalin acted on behalf of himself. Although their personalities were similar, it can be argued that they had different ideals. Lenin lived for the revolution and had a long-term goal of worldwide revolution. Stalin, on the other hand, was more interested in seeing revolution on the home front. Another difference between the two was that Stalin would kill just about anyone, no matter who they were, whereas fellow communists would not die by Lenin. The number of people Stalin murdered was in the millions: communists and non-communists. Stalin wanted worship, and anyone who didnt worship him was doomed. Their motivations may have been different, but the fact that Lenin and Stalin both used mass terror to gain power is indisputable. Lenin killed for the revolution. He used the Cheka as his aid. He used it with complete ruthlessness and on a very large scale. (Pipes pp. 104) Through this secret police force, Lenin exterminated anyone whom he thought was not dedicated to the revolution. Believingthat violence was an essential element in the revolution, Lenin never quailed before the need to employ terror. (Johnson, pp. 165) Stalin thought the same, that to gain as much power as possible, one must exterminate all enemies. He also used a secret police to help him out. Stalin would stop at nothing to gain personal power. He became so hard that when Lenin found out that Stalin wanted Trotsky removed, he strongly requested that Stalin be taken out of any powerful position. This did not happen. Stalin got control over Lenins health and took all revolutionary power. Stalin succeeded, through the Five Year plan, in achieving Lenins goal of collectivization of the peasantry. It started out as Lenins ideals and under Stalin the system expanded, first slowly, then with terrifying speed. (Johnson, pp. 274) Even though at first, the system was a bit disaterous, Stalin went on. He used the communist party as his personal instrument, forcing the peasantry into collective farms. The workers became slaves, which is more or less what Lenin wanted, and production increased greatly. Russia was especially productive in the tractor, steel, and coal industries. .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 , .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 .postImageUrl , .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 , .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4:hover , .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4:visited , .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4:active { border:0!important; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4:active , .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4 .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u372ce225f26175f968a2a3466d52a5c4:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: How To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket EssayThese two men, driven by the same passion, used complete horror to boost the industrial growth of Russia. The slave-labor camps that were created became a model for other cultures: especially Hitler. The horror that Lenin started was continued in an even more disasterous way to cause the deaths of millions of innocent people.

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The Cold War Essays (1279 words) - , Term Papers

The Cold War Some say that it is useless to speak of world peace or world law or world disarmament - and that it will be useless until the leaders of the Soviet Union adopt a more enlightened attitude. I hope they do. I believe we can help them to do it. But I also believe that we must reexamine our own attitude - as individuals and as a Nation - for our attitude is as essential as theirs. And every graduate of this school, every thoughtful citizen who despairs of war and wishes to bring peace, should begin by looking inward - by examining his own attitude toward the possibilities of peace, toward the Soviet Union, toward the course of the cold war and toward freedom and peace here at home. President John F. Kennedy, American University Speech, June 10, 1963 The Cold War was a time in American History during the twentieth century where the Communist nations were fighting against the non-Communist nations. However, the main countries involved, or the ones leading the two sides were the United States and Russia. The United States led the fight against Communist nations, like Russia. But these intense rivalries didn't just go on in the type of government that should be used or in who could develop the most advanced and most powerful nuclear weapon of the time. This rivalry went into the culture of American societies. The Russians were always being viewed as the toughest rival and the team to beat according to the US. It is similar to how teams think of the defending champions in a sport. The team playing the defending champions wants to come out hyped up and with their ?A-game? every time they are competing with them. Another impact it had on the American society was how people started acting and thinking. In many of the movies and televisi on shows of the time, most people wouldn't have noticed, but the directors and producers were hiding subliminal messages in them. Some of them depicting how awful the Russians were or how supreme the Americans were. But was American society affected by the Cold War, or was America just trying to make their society better to show it off to the other countries? Basically, did America's way of life and economy during the cold war improve because they wanted it to show it off or was it a necessity? The Cold War did affect the American's way of life. America was a young nation and it was just beginning to develop into a dominant country. It first really just established itself as a world power during the two world wars. Therefore, the cold war was a time in which Americans were trying to get a name for themselves by showing how great, life in their country was. Shows like Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best portrayed the stereotypical American families. Even though everyone knows that there is no such thing as a perfect family, people still enjoyed watching these types of shows. Commercials, or shows like I Love Lucy, showing the stereotypical woman or housewife in the kitchen were another way of showing things off. It is really very difficult to always own the latest models of things coming out. So a woman in a kitchen with all the new appliances is really unlikely. This was another way of showing off to other countries how life was or wasn't. However, the show I Love Lucy , mainly showed how much freedom a woman had when her husband wasn't home. Lucy constantly did foolish things that weren't exactly the ways women were supposed to have been behaving. Once again, the United States was portraying how great life was in America compared to other countries. The majority of the television shows during the 1950s showed no poverty, death, ethnic mixing, or racial tension. It just presented the ?perfect world.? Juxtaposed, it could be argued that the Cold War didn't help shape the American society. American life could have just formed like how it was supposed to happen; like human nature. When the men all came back from World War II, many women lost their jobs and weren't as active as they were during